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In the next pages they’re introduced a series of experimental modules allowing to face easily all the training problems connected to the study of the well diffused analog modulations. Latest technology, easy-to-understand, and great bibliographical support are the hit-points marking the series of the modules introduced in this section.
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The hard conceptual subjects as the ones developed in the telecommunication training courses require suitable supporting structures to enable the learning and understanding of those matters otherwise subject only to theoretical lessons. This section offers to our Customer a range of sophisticated equipments able to manage and solve easily these training requests

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The “TLD” series of modules deals with all kind of digital modulation nowadays employed to transmit the digital information. Each module allows the study of one or more modulations through integrated modulation/demodulation circuits. The particular design together with the state-of-the art technology allow to the trainees a very effective and easy learning approach. Each module is complete with a fully comprehensive supporting bibliography. On request it is available a multimedia course as a completion for any single module.
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This section introduces a wide range of systems any of them dedicated to a typical educational subject like fiber optics, telephony, radars and others. Common features of all the proposed equipments are the easiness of use, sophisticated implemented technology, particular design and qualified and complete bibliography support.
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The International rules always more precise and severe on this field, impose the use of specific instruments and measuring techniques to detect  the environmental electromagnetic values. Both instruments as single units or complete measuring systems are proposed in this section for all those Educational Institutions devoted to the teaching of this area of study.

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EMC measures involve a great knowledge in the field of radio and hyper-frequency which constitutes the basic for the updated telecommunications. The availability of a series supporting test and measuring equipments to perform EMC evaluations means not only to give the student the possibility of learning the technical and law aspects on the subject but also to deliver a deep and wide knowledge typical of this sector.
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These benches have been designed to satisfy the exigencies of any laboratory. Sturdiness, reliability, friendly operation and accurate design are some of the features of these products realized to satisfy the users requests collected during the supply and installation of a great number of laboratories all over the world.