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This section icludes the most common chemicals products to realize PCB. 

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The alternative to the realization of PCB by means of chemical process is the removal of copper by means of special designed CNC milling machines. In this section are shown these CNC milling machines designed to realize easly and quickly propotype  and small series of PCB tipical of school electronic laboratory.

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The second operation in the realization of PCB is the removal of the copper in excess by means of ferric perchloride in special machine. This section shows a number of etching machines designed for laboratory use.

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This section includes a number of exposure units for the realization of pc on pre-sensitized positive or negative, single or double side PCB. Safe operation and reasonable price are some of the features of these products.

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The "DES" series benches are made entirely in acidproof PVC to realize pcb without the problems due to the corrosive chemicals involved. Thanks to the modularity of these benches it is possible to suit all the laboratories necessities.  On demand it it possible to supply banches tailored to specific needs.


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Advanced test machines for PCB and electronic components are proposed in this section. These proposals allow to cloose the educational cycle on this matter because show to the students what  happen in the Industry reality.

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The section includes a wide range of soldering and desoldering professional units to solder or remove the electronic components. The safety use and reliabity are the targhet of this selection.