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A wide range of AC Single and Three-Phase Power Supplies with different fixed and variable outputs is proposed in this section. They are manufactured up to the ISO-9001 standards of quality under CE safety rules and marked by a very good cost-performance ratio. Other models with specific features are also available on request.

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During over 50 years of activity our Company has developed a very wide range of AC-DC Power Supplies whose features differ according to the model as 1Ph-3Ph different output voltages, powers, single or multiple outputs, DC filtered voltages. In the next pages only a short list of our realisations is proposed. Any kind of AC-DC power supplies can be made available on request.

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A wide range of DC HV-LV , fixed and variable Power Supplies is available from our Company. All the models are featured by high stability, short recovery time and reliability. On request it is possible to provide DC Power Supplies with different voltage and power from the standard ones.