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New-Tronic srl designs, manufactures and sales since more than 50 years teaching and training equipment for vocational and technical schools.
Our production range covers the following areas:

  • Electricity
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronics
  • Electromechanics
  • Telematics and Telecommunications
  • Educational and Application Software
  • Controls
  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
  • Automation
  • Process Controls
  • Pilot Plants
  • Pneumatic and Oil-hydraulics
  • Mechatronics
  • Thermotechnics
  • Measure Instruments
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Artistic 3D modelling
  • Technical Furniture

Hundreds of products designed to satisfy every training exigency.

  • Work benches
  • Electricity and Electromechanic work benches
  • Testing, Measuring and Electronic benches
  • Educational units for the study of Electricity and Electric Engineering
  • Educational units for the study of  Electronics
  • Educational units for the study of Telecommunications
  • Integrated systems for Telematics and Telecommunications
  • Working station and CAD-CAM-CAE software for Electronics and Mechanics
  • Quality control for Electronics and Mechanics
  • CNC machines tool and Robots
  • FMS and CIM systems
  • Microcontroller and Microprocessor systems
  • PLC and industrial Automation
  • Benches and educational units for Pneumatics and Oil-hydraulics
  • Educational and applicative software covering all areas
  • Electrical machines laboratories
  • Control and dynamic simulation units for industrial processes
  • Interactive multimedia systems
  • Data acquisition and data management systems
  • Electrical and Electronic measuring instruments
  • Equipment  for PCB production
  • Benches and furniture for technical laboratories.

Since the beginning New-Tronic is well know in the international market for the capacity to satisfy the customers special requests.
Beside the standard products we can design and manufacture special equipment to suit the needs of our Customers


New-Tronic actively co-operates with hi-tech industries designing and manufacturing special equipment according to Customer needs such as:

  • hardware and software simulation units
  • test benches
  • automatic or manual test cell
  • special measuring unit
  • quality test equipment
  • special wiring
  • special equipment

Over the years New-Tronic has designed and manufactured hundreds of hi-tech unique equipment for the most important industrial groups (Fiat Auto Spa,  Iveco Spa, Telecom Italia Spa, Ferrari Spa, Pirelli Spa, Varian Spa, etc) achieving a high level of  know-how in new technologies that in turn is utilised to design educational and training equipment that for their high content of innovations help to keep schools at pace with industrial development.    

Research and Innovation: these are our challenge and  focus philosophy.
 The technological and functional correspondence of our products to the most advanced industrial realities is a key strategy  in the  development  stage and during the product realization.
The control of our final solutions and the effectiveness of each educational equipment proposed to the market is assured by keeping a constant exchange of reports and feedback with our Customers. 
NEW-TRONIC has always pursued a policy  aimed to the highest quality production standard guaranteeing at the same time a good relation between costs and performances. 
The first and determined target of NEW-TRONIC is to keep as low as possible the existing technologic “gap”  between the Educational world and the Industrial realities: This target is firmly pursued in each initiative.
The  knowledge achieved in more than fifty years of successful activity in hardware and software development is the key factor and the asset of NEW-TRONIC. The products are designed and manufactured taking advantage of this specific “KNOW-HOW” impossible to get without a long experience and use of the innovative and advanced technologies.
This is the reason of the unmistakable standing of our production; marked by a high technological content, reliability over the years, operational safety, strength and, last but not least,  highly accurate and pleasant design, so great that some
of our products are even mentioned from our Competitors as a term of comparison.