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New-Tronic activity is not restrict to the design and manufacture of teaching and training equipment or the supply of turn-key laboratories or schools but makes available to customers its years long experience with a number of highly qualified services and technical assistance through the project cycle.
New-Tronic  provides its expertise in the following areas:

The success of a project, in particular in the technical field, depends on the capacity to analyse and understand the Client’s needs, to propose solutions to achieve the target foreseen within the budget available.
Thanks to its long experience and the capacity to satisfy whatever specific exigency, New-Tronic can actively interact with the Client to analyse  in all the aspects the development of a new project.

Defined and optimized the client’s exigencies,  New-Tronic technical and pedagogical teams develop from the feasibility study the detailed project  where are defined all the technical and financial parts

New-Tronic, to certify the respect of the high international quality standards pursued in the manufacturing cycle allow the client to inspect any time the process activities, control the technical documents and test the products manufactured 

Each single item of the supply is perfectly packed and coded to make it possible its identification in any stage of the project.
Shipment are constantly monitored to track the material from the factory to the final destination

New-Tronic technical staff provides installation and commissioning of the equipment. To assure the laboratories and workshops perfect operation we can realize  electric installation, hydraulic circuits, A/C plant and all the services needed.

The success through the years of a supply is directly proportional to the level of confidence of the equipment users.
For this reason New-Tronic training activity is focused to satisfy the Client’s expectations.
Training courses are tailored to fit their need and thus become more effective.
They are available even after years from the equipment supply.

An efficient after sale service is foreseen to guarantee the perfect efficiency of all the equipment supplied through their life.
The after sale service is not confined to repair or calibration but include scheduled maintenance programs with the supply of spare parts and consumables.
The Client is regularly updated of the availability of news products or upgrading of the exiting ones to modernize the laboratories.