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The cutaway models allow the student to gain immediate understanding of the operations and composition of real equipments and devices, even if very complex ones. In the mechanical and automotive area there are in fact a lot of equipments which complexity prevents an easy approach. The availability of cutaway models in a laboratory is undoubtedly a great support which facilitates the Teacher ‘s educational activity moreover reducing the student’s learning time.

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As a complement to our training solutions, a wide range of workshop equipments and instruments are made available to fit the laboratories according to the latest working standards.   The practical activities quality in the workshop is directly dependent on the type and variety of the tools employed to perform them.
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The more and more use of the electronic devices in the automotive field over the past years led to the urgent needs to create new careers of professional technicians who can develop and  manage skilfully not only mechanical themes but also typical aspects of the electronic area. For that purpose, they have been carried out our simulators for Autronics allowing to the student a learning approach to the most advanced devices nowadays on board of any kind of motor vehicle.
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This area introduces a wide range of simulation software solutions finalized to the teaching and simulation of particular details or specific units in the Automotive field. All the proposed software are marked by an easy installation and employ together with high interactivity features. This assures to the student a easy learning approach and management of all the typical subjects involved in the area.