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A wide range of AC Single and Three-Phase Power Supplies with different fixed and variable outputs is proposed in this section. They are manufactured up to the ISO-9001 standards of quality under CE safety rules and marked by a very good cost-performance ratio. Other models with specific features are also available on request.

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During over 50 years of activity our Company has developed a very wide range of AC-DC Power Supplies whose features differ according to the model as 1Ph-3Ph different output voltages, powers, single or multiple outputs, DC filtered voltages. In the next pages only a short list of our realisations is proposed. Any kind of AC-DC power supplies can be made available on request.

n° 7 Articulos

The educational series of kit made available from our Company are marked by a great educational effectiveness and learning time optimization. They  allow to perform the training experiences related to  the specific field like:
- Civil plants
- Industrial plants
- Fire prevention plants
- Video phonic  plants
- Programmable electrical plants

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To perform an effective and quality teaching activity it is requested the availability of suitable supporting equipments. Our company designed a series of high-performance  units aimed to the teaching of the specific matter and marked by the great capability of transmitting all the practical information needed to any skilful technician to operate nowadays. In the next pages there is a selection of our best realizations.
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Despite of the great diffusion of the electronic instruments, the electric instruments are still representing an important and  irreplaceable support for some measuring areas. A wide range of electric laboratory instruments which satisfies any measuring requirements is proposed  here.

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EMS-3000 is a complete, compact and cheap electrical machines teaching system  which can be accommodated on any standard 2-meter laboratory bench. Thanks to its compactness and low cost, the system has thousands of installation all around the world.  It includes AC-DC machines , AC-DC generators, differents loads, automatic data acquisition and recorder, PLC motors management, AC-DC motor control drives, etc. The standard electrical machines power is 300W, but them are also available at  different power (0.5 kW - 1 kW - 3kW).

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The LEM-SYSTEM series of electrical machines  has been conceived according to the latest innovative and original solutions featuring:

- high modularity and expandability
- easily movable
- operational safety
- classroom activity
- easy and quick assembly

This range of electrical machines, both static and rotating, may be easily customized according to any particular training need and Customer’s budget.

n° 5 Articulos
Sturdiness, active and passive operational safety and great functionalities: these are the main important properties any updated electric measuring bench must comply with. These features, and many others, are marking all the New-Tronic Srl manufactured benches as introduced on the next pages.
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NEW-TRONIC Srl  has designed and carried out  a modular educational units to assist in the teaching and training of generation, transport and distribution of high, medium and low voltage electrical power theory and practice. Our  unique realization faces many problems involved with electric  power field.

The system consists of three functional units designed for a stand-alone use providing  hands on experience in the operation and control of the module itself.

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This area  proposes one of the widest range of experimental benches today available on the market for the designing and realization of electrical civil and industrial plant.
All proposed benches are marked by important features like flexibility of use, operational safety, accurate finishing and pleasant aesthetics.
The large series of options available  allow to customize any bench configuration according to any particular training need and Customer’s budget.