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This section shows a range of  working benches suitable to  perform easily test and measures on motors and transformers or particularly designed to fit electromechanical laboratories.
Also for the electromechanical sector of activity it has been assured the best compliance to the highest quality and safety standards.

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To make easier the learning of electrical machines manufacturing methods and their operative working,  New-Tronic developed a series of educational units, some of them absolutely innovative in conception, allowing the trainees to perform a fully complete and qualified learning path.
On the next pages theyre described our best proposals for this area of study.

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The manufacturing and maintenance operations on the electrical machines require the employ of equipments purposely designed to meet with the technical  aspects the trainees find while performing the  workshop activities. This section proposes a qualified selection of the main common electrical machines usually fitting the electromechanical workshops which, due to their flexibility feature, may find an easy location also in educational laboratories.

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Like the electromechanical equipments, also the tools are divided according to the field of application and finalization of use. On the next pages they are proposed a series of typical tools for the electromechanical area finalized to be used over very special application in the field.
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