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Were introducing here a series of small size desk-top CNC machine tools marked by features and performances similar to the industrial CNC machines standards. Many models  are equipped with well diffused and real  industrial CNC  providing an immediate approach to the production realities.

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Any concept, subject of study or equipment from the simplest to the greatest complex one must be explained starting from the basic elements, easy to be learnt by the students. This section is dedicated to a series of products introducing   some particular aspects of the applications that the student will find again in more complex equipments and systems. The wideness of the proposals must not astonish, just they have been carefully selected according to the subject of study.

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Robots, being them anthropomorphic , Scara or portal ones, are the hearth of all automated systems and for sure represent a fundamental for mechatronics allowing the real operational flexibility to all applications in this field. Both implementing electric-electronic or pneumatic-hydraulic technology , the robot represents the perfect expression of the latest technologies available and constitutes an indispensable element that any skilful and modern technician must include in his background of study.
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The flexible working cells (FMS-CIM) represent the main important synthesis of the most advanced technology in industrial automation field. From the educational point of view, these solutions offer an innumerable source to perform training activity since they allow the possibility to be familiar with a so wide range of technologies which rarely may be offered by other products. CNC, PLC, Data transmission, Industrial networks, supervision software are only some of the technologies implemented in our products.