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Despite of the great diffusion of the electronic instruments, the electric instruments are still representing an important and  irreplaceable support for some measuring areas. A wide range of electric laboratory instruments which satisfies any measuring requirements is proposed  here.

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Over the past more than 50 years of activity and experience in the specific field of Electronics has allowed our Company to select from the International markets a wide range of electronic measuring instruments marked by reduced costs, high performances and reliability.  Analog and Digital Oscilloscopes, Function Generators, Frequencymeters, Multimeters and other instruments are included in this section.

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The International rules always more precise and severe on this field, impose the use of specific instruments and measuring techniques to detect  the environmental electromagnetic values. Both instruments as single units or complete measuring systems are proposed in this section for all those Educational Institutions devoted to the teaching of this area of study.

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The presence of these kind of instruments is now absolutely requested in all state-of-the art educational laboratory. In fact, the protection of the public health imposed the measuring of a wide range of parameters which is possible to be made only through the use of suitable and dedicated instruments which the students have to be familiar with. The section offers a wide range of instruments especially dedicated to this sector.

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“Electromagnetic Compatibility” means the ability of a device, unit of equipment or system to operate satisfactory in an environment affected by electromagnetic disturbances ( IMMUNITY ) without introducing, at its turn, electromagnetic disturbances to anything in that environment ( EMISSIONS ). To satisfy the continuous request of industry for technicians with competence and skill to perform electromagnetic compatibility tests, technical schools need new technologies to train students in this field. New-Tronic company has designed and realized a number of  Hi-Tech, Low Cost, Friendly Use instruments and accessories suitable both for professional and educational use that allow to perform all the test foreseen in the harmonizes standards ENs.
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Very often in any laboratory it may arise  the need to perform readings and measuring of particular parameters beside of the common  electrical values ones and therefore the availability of suitable instruments may solve this problem. This section proposes only the main list of the wide and miscellaneous range of instruments dedicated to these specific measurements.

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In this section a few PC based measuring instruments are proposed by our Company as TiePie engineering ufficial Dealer. They come from TiePie engineering, a well known Dutch Company that develops and manufactures PC based oscilloscope and data acquisition products. Turn your PC into Oscilloscope, Voltmeter, Spectrum analyzer, Transient recorder and Function generator just by plugging in a cable. All instrument comply to the TiePie engineering moto : Plug in and measure. You will find links to descriptions of all Tiepie instruments divided in specific categories at the web site